Delicious sausages of country type, octopus and squid, without animal fats and without preservatives, a source of omega-3 fatty acids for those who desire for a titbit, but choosing also a healthy lifestyle !

Seafood 82% (arrow squid-octopus-mollusks), extra virgin olive oil 4%, wheat starch, soy protein, spices and spice extracts (salt, spices, garlic, flavors, sugar, yeast extract), vegetable oil (contains 59% omega-3 α-linolenic acid), coloring agents (paprika extract, carminic acid), stabilizers (diphosphates & polyphosphates), acidity regulator (glucono-delta-lactone), maltodextrin, dextrose, flavorings.

Product may contain traces of: Crustaceans and products, eggs and products, fish and products, Soybeans and products, milk and products, nuts, celery and products, sesame seeds.

Cooking Instructions

In a frying pan: 12-13 minutes

In the barbeque: 12-15 minutes

In the oven (grill): 26-30 min at 200ο C in preheated oven.


Before baking, apply olive oil to the surfaces that come in contact with the product and rotate the product at regular intervals.

Nutritional Information
By 100g
Energy 596Kj/143Kcal
Fatty 6,0g
of which saturated 0,9g
Carbohydrates 5,0g
of which sugars 0,7g
Proteins 14,1g
Salt 2,4g
Ω3 0,44g