KONTOVEROS, with firm attachment to the high values, has been helped in this endeavor. In a very interesting meeting, the Vice President of the company Mr. Christos Kontobero presented both the nutritional trends of the time and the answers given by KONTOVEROS with environmentally friendly products and modern nutritional solutions. Teachers and students of the faculty grasped the benefits and benefits of the KONTOVEROS Green & KONTONEROS Deli series. The Green series is the first in Greece certified sustainable fisheries products by global organizations MSC & ASC. Sensitivity and interest in the environment acquires real substance and responds to the ever-increasing needs of a modern consumer society. Deli delivers nutrition with many benefits but also great taste. It includes burgers, kebabs, sausages and octopus only octopus, chrysalis, pure virgin olive oil and O3. Without animal fat and very low calories.

The closing of the meeting was certainly culminated in tasting, where students and teachers made enviable creations! The right materials in the right hands! Congratulations to future chefs!


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