Social Responsibility
Since the start of KONTOVEROS in 1968, we have recognized the need to support the two pillars that contribute to the sustainable development of the company over the years: people and the environment. The concept of Social Responsibility was the primary concern of our founder, Emmanuel Kontoberou, and it was transformed into the next generation and today, more than ever, this philosophy and attitude of life is reflected in a concrete plan of actions and initiatives of KONTOVEROS.

Care for humans: Assistance to the weak and the access of vulnerable groups to safe and nutritious food is a concern for the people of KONTOVEROS In collaboration with recognized care organizations, mainly through the actions of local holy temples, KONTOVEROS supports the people who are experiencing unfavorable conditions and cares for their nutrition with fish and seafood of high nutritional value, from the foundation of the company to the present day.

Care for the environment: According to the United Nations Regional Information Center: The oceans cover ¾ of the Earth's surface and contain about 200,000 recognized species, the actual figure, however, may amount to millions. The oceans are the largest source of protein in the world, with more than 3 billion people depend on the oceans. Overfishing and hence the risk of underwater life disappearing, raises the question of the sustainability of our planet and its people in the near future. KONTOBEROS puts its own stumbling block on one of the main SDGs, which is life in water in two steps:

First in Greece, it holds the MSC Chain of Custody and ASC Chain of Custody certification, ensuring the sustainability, quality and freshness of the species that it trades through its traceability system.

It is committed to the protection of underwater life by presenting the groundbreaking Frozen Seafood Green series (products strictly certified by MSC & ASC), and informs the public about environmental protection and sustainable fishing.