Since 1968
Since 1968
Tradition & experience
Feel the sea breeze ! At KONTOVEROS, we start every day with a goal: to bring all the flavor and delicacy of the finest fish and seafood to your table. To find out how we do it, just browse through our pages.

Learn about us, explore the variety of our products, learn about their quality and experience unique innovations that will make you love fish and seafood even more. Over 50 years of tradition and experience KONTOVEROS in fresh frozen fish. Breath the sea!

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Kontoveros Sea Breeze
Kontoveros Deli
Kontoveros Sea Breeze
Kontoveros fresh frozen fish & seafood
Where ever you are .. feel the see breeze ! Because at KONTOVEROS, combining knowledge with the latest technology, we created the series "Sea Breeze" which brings to every table the best quality frozen fish. A great variety of fish and seafood that literally cool when caught by state-of-the-art fishing vessels, keeping their firm texture, unique flavor and nutritional value unchanged. KONTOVEROS "Sea Breeze". Every day at our table!
Kontoveros Deli
KONTOVEROS innovative products
When the octopus and the squid met Olive and Omega 3, they created the Deli! The KONTOVEROS Deli series is a unique tasting innovation that combines delicacy with high nutritional value. Ideal for vegetarians, low-calorie and fasting, the KONTOVEROS Deli has brought a real flavor to our table. Without preservatives or saturated animal fat, the KONTOVEROS Deli products are an integral part of a modern, healthy lifestyle!
Kontoveros "Mario's choice"
Frozen seafood for the professional
The catering professional, always looking for the best for his clients, has now the best choice: Mario's Choice!

Mario's Choice products, with respect to the consumer and the professional, create the perfect result and bring to your menu products that stand out.
The widest offer of fish and seafood, with high quality, 100% cold chain security and standardization to the strictest international safety standards give the professional all the choices he needs for the exceptional dishes.
The choice of the professional.